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The Usborne Foundation was founded by children’s publisher, Peter Usborne MBE, together with his children Nicola and Martin.

As founder of Usborne Publishing, Peter has over 40 years’ experience creating children’s books, which are read in many languages around the world. Both Nicola and Martin also bring with them a wealth of experience creating books and interactive educational resources for children.

Together we wanted to use this knowledge to first address the ongoing crisis in early literacy, which sees too many children fail to learn to read. Our goal was to combine education, research and technology to make this difficult task both interactive and fun.

With this in mind, we embarked on our first project, creating a suite of award-winning online literacy games, called Teach Your Monster to Read. The games create a fun, playful environment in which over 1.5m children have now tackled the first steps of reading.

The success of Teach Your Monster to Read has led us to find new ways to help improve the lives of children through learning and education. We aim to create exciting learning experiences through engaging stories, technology, people led design and
of course, fun.

We’ve now also turned our focus to the growing issues with childhood obesity in the UK. Our aim is to create new, interactive ways to help children learn about healthy food.

Read more about our healthy eating research on our project pages.  


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